This is Foranychildren!

For children around the world

Thanks to the success of this team and given the legal uncertainty affecting children from Spain and from around the world, Foranychildren.org was established as an NGO with the mission of repeating the model of cooperation in human rights and safeguarding children’s rights, along the lines recognised by the United Nations.


Who will we be ?: “For any children. Org” (FAC) will be established as an NGO with registered offices in Asturias (Spain). We expect the organization will be known and referred to worldwide as a point of reference in collecting, analysing and distributing any relevant legislation that represents an advance in the policy of respecting the best interests of children over any other interest, thus promoting compliance with the UN agreements signed. Why in Asturias? Because Asturias is geographically located between Europe, Africa, Asia and America, and because Asturias has existed as such since 722 AD, almost 1,300 years of existence.


What we will do?: through its implementation in Spain and its presence in the most influential platforms on the concerns of minors, FAC will reproduce its structural model and will work towards becoming established as an NGO in countries where FAC intends to influence existing organizations so that they accept and promote a peaceful change in their obsolete family legislation.


How we will do it?: FAC will establish collaborations with local legal institutions and with professionals in the field of family law, ensuring the focus remains on preventive work. Legislation is the most appropriate tool to promote peaceful and sustainable changes. FAC will work in collaboration with the media and social media to distribute message to the states.


What we want to achieve?: to update the obsolete legislation from around the world where social development is positively accepted with no unjustified retaliation. FAC will work on ensuring the laws within the same state or economic area provide the same rights to all minors regardless of their parents and where they were born or lived.